Hirsi Ali: Beware of Michiganistan

“It couldn’t happen here” is the attitude, but Islamic fundamentalism may become more prevalent in the U.S. in coming years

Since the massacre at the offices of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in January, the U.S. media has understandably devoted attention to the problem of radical Islam in Europe. The fact has been widely reported that thousands of European Union citizens have traveled to Iraq and Syria to join the self-styled Islamic State. Almost as much coverage has been given to stories of French Jews emigrating to Israel. And there have been numerous articles about Michel Houellebecq’s diabolically timed novel Soumission, which imagines France in 2022 with a Muslim president introducing sharia law and being fawned over by the Parisian establishment.

The implication of many of these articles is: “How utterly terrifying. Thank heavens it couldn’t happen here.”

  • Brett_McS

    I don’t understand the ‘it couldn’t happen here’ attitude. It already has happened here in the non-European west, even apart from 9/11. The Boston bombings, Fort Hood, and earlier attacks which were at the time not reported as cases of jihad, such as the Washington snipers, and attacks in Australia and Canada.

    Will it be the case that an increasing frequency of jihad attacks will wake up the population to the extent that they demand real action, or will these more and more common attacks just become a sort of barely remarked on background noise, like road deaths?

    • Our political class hopes that an acceptable level of Muslim violence will just meld with our mosaic of diversity.

      They regard it as a cost of doing business.

      Besides it won’t affect them.

      • The leftist political class will continue its cultural relativist and Timothy McVeigh excuses.

        Young liberal voters who voted for Obama in vast numbers put this man in the white House. And in thirty years these same adults will wonder who to blame the Muslim problem on.

  • Dana Garcia

    Meanwhile the anti-jihad activist thinks it’s swell for Muslim immigration to continue. How does she think hostile Islam got to Europe? How does she think jihad arrived in America??

    As she says:

    “As an immigrant of Somali origin, I have no objection to other people coming to America to seek a better life for themselves and their families. My concern is with the attitudes many of these new Muslim Americans will bring with them – and with our capacity for changing those attitudes.”

    BTW, I find “Muslim American” to be an inaccurate phrase and have never used it.

    And how does she propose to keep Mohammeds with bad attitudes out, with taqqiyah and all that good lying for Islam?

  • “Muslims will also grow to comprise 10 percent of Europe’s population

    More Muslims than Jews in US by 2050, Pew study shows

    Islam will be fastest-growing major faith in coming decades, with almost as many Muslims as Christians worldwide by mid-century


  • Blacksmith

    I think I could support Michiganistan if they go ahead and include DeToilet and just fence it off, it would be a good place to dump the rest of the pisslamist starting with CAIR.