Donor’s disclosures deliver a shock to the system

For many years, Winfried Stöcker has been regarded in Germany as a successful entrepreneur who is also socially committed. However, many Germans have changed their minds following the sequence of events set in motion when Mr Stöcker – who is an honorary professor at, and major donor to, the University of Lübeck – refused to allow a benefit concert in favour of refugees at a luxury department store that he owns.

A fierce, and public, row between Mr Stöcker and Lübeck has followed, highlighting some important issues for German universities.

Mr Stöcker purchased the Görlitzer Warenhaus, in the eastern city of Görlitz, after it starred as the titular location in the film The Grand Budapest Hotel.

  • simus1

    Someone speaks his mind and the German red fascists at Lubeck U get the vapours. “Refusing to allow a benefit concert in a furniture warehouse”? That sentence doesn’t even begin to make sense.

  • Frau Katze

    High time people started to take a stand.

    Mr Stöcker is claiming that he is not a racist, but merely concerned with the pending decline of the West, and feels that asylum seekers should stay at home and get things right there. But German universities, which tend to lean towards the Left, are shocked.

  • Hard Little Machine

    They will pass a law to make statements retroactively a crime.