Divorce By STIHL – The World’s Best Selling Chain Saw Brand


The gruesome murder-suicide in Lower Moreland, Pennsylvania on Tuesday orphaned the couple’s three sons, and shocked a close-knit Montgomery County community that knew Nicole and Christopher Peppelmans as caring and attentive parents.

Nicole Peppelman, 43, had also been choked and stabbed, coroner Walter Hofman said Wednesday. Christopher Peppelman, 48, killed himself, according to autopsy results.

What motivated Christopher Peppelman to kill his ex-wife and himself remained unclear. Those who knew the Peppelmans described them as loving parents whose lives centered on their boys, who are in the third, sixth, and eighth grades.

“This is horribly tragic for the whole family, especially the boys,” said Cheryl Young, an attorney who represented Nicole Peppelman in the couple’s divorce proceedings.

Kevin Steele, the Montgomery County first assistant district attorney, said a chainsaw and a knife were recovered at the scene. He declined to discuss the investigation or a possible motive.

Hofman cited “gaping sharp-force injuries” to the stomach as a cause of death for both victims, though he wouldn’t say if the injuries came from the chainsaw. Christopher Peppelman had a similar wound to his right thigh.

Really now? What the heck else could it have been?


Yeah, could have been a Saber-Toothed Cat, but I’m ‘STIHL’ leaning toward power tools.

The part that gets me, as if the after-mentioned tale of gore were not enough, but how much dedication does it take to KILL YOURSELF with a chainsaw? That’s gotta hurt like the dickens!