Temporary foreign workers in low-skilled jobs must start leaving Canada April 1

Thousands of temporary foreign workers could be heading to airports to leave Canada today as permits expire for those who have been in the country for more than four years.

The Conservative government set April 1, 2015 as the deadline for temporary foreign workers in low-skilled jobs to either become permanent residents or leave the country after changing the rules in 2011.

In Alberta alone, 10,000 temporary foreign workers have applied to stay in Canada.

Vancouver immigration lawyer Richard Kurland says there aren’t enough Canadian Border Services agents to knock on the doors of every temporary foreign worker and frog-march them to the nearest airport today.

Nonetheless, he says, many of his clients are grappling with the realization that they’re no longer welcome after living and working here for years.

NDP MP Jinny Sims says the deadline will likely force many workers underground…

h/t Marvin

  • BillyHW

    Stop selling out our kids. Stop selling out Canadians. Start having your order understood correctly at Timmies.

    Say no to Temporary Foreign Workers!

    • Frances

      Billy – then Canadians have to step up and do these jobs properly. Agreed, there was serious abuse of the temporary foreign workers’ program, but far too many young Canadians seem to think they should be paid just for showing up, forget actually doing the work. Have a family member who has had the misfortune of employing same; TWF’s would have been a welcome relief, not to mention a serious stress reliever as the job was done properly. BTW, I have known several who have hired workers from overseas: said workers were treated well, but they also knew the meaning of “an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay”.

  • Alain

    And just why were they allowed to stay for years already? What a pile of crap.

  • barryjr

    I thought they were supposed to leave today. Obviously they still don’t understand English if they don’t comprehend temporary, send the village idiots back to their villages.

  • cmh

    because there are not enough border agents to locate every (now illegal) foreign worker and transport them to the nearest airport, our military should be deployed to complete the job. I guess looking after Syrian affairs is more important than Canadian affairs though i am not sure why as the Syrians wouldn’t give us the sweat off their asses. Our government has no vision or concern for effectiveness and quite frankly has completely lost their way in how to solidly govern the social policy of our once great country. They seem to be able to skillfully manage finances but have absolutely no skills in anything else.

  • Gary

    So if a TFW is with the Blue Jay’s and their contract isn’t renewed while their Permit was also expiring ….would the NDP also feel it’s no fair to let an American live in Canada for about 4 years to play baseball and then ask them to leave if they don’t find work and apply for a Legal status as a Landed immigrant????

    We all know that the refugee/immigrant Industrial Complex has Lawyers and scam artists linked to getting people into Canada knowing that the Media will help them paint them as Victims when it’s time to leave.
    Public Unions love it because it’s more Welfare cases that need more Union Members , that’s why Joe Mihevic at Toronto’s City Hall to the Media that illegal’s would get Welfare and all Social Benefits because the Police and Teacher’s will NOt report them or their kids to the RCMP to be removed from Canada.

    Wynne and Tory are now forcing CUPE and OPSEU members to commit Treason and knowingly steal income-Tax dollars to divert to tourists and illegals that are not Entitled to these benefits such as Welfare and Health Care. The RCMp enforces the Laws for Taxes dealing with the CRA along with removing persons in Canada that are not legally here .

    Shame on Toronto and Ontario that act like a Separate State wanting Money from Ottawa but then spit on the Flag and Taxpayers to give bags of OUR money to illegals to get votes from Minority groups.

  • Blacksmith

    TEMPORARY! Learn the friggin language and you would know you were not here permanently!

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    …geeez, and all these unemployed Natives stumbling around up here, with fuggall to do, but get in trouble with the law…