Raqqa’s Rebel, the Syrian woman who dared film life under the IS group

FRANCE 24 meets the young Syrian woman who secretly filmed the Islamic State group in their Raqqa stronghold in Syria and was forced to flee to France, fearing for her life.

Last year, Haya El Ali, 26, took a huge risk when she used a hidden camera to film life in Raqqa, the Islamic State group’s stronghold in northern Syria.

Her remarkable footage was broadcast by several media outlets, including FRANCE 24, in September 2014. The scenes that she managed to capture by hiding a camera in her handbag were as astonishing as they are rare.

  • pdxnag

    The little girl who thinks that it is she who is Muslim, not the evil forces of ISIS, needs to be told that ISIS is accurately pious and that her only choice is to declare her apostasy from Islam and never look back.

  • Blacksmith

    She stopped in France? What was she thinking. The pisslamist in France will get to her if she is not very careful.