Pimping Hamas Propaganda: BBC’s Bowen Blows Khaled Meshaal’s Trumpet

For the BBC’s scandalously biased “Middle East editor” Jeremy Bowen, as for other employees of Britain’s bloated left-leaning “national broadcaster” including members of Bowen’s equally biased team, the Guardian and Ha’aretz are clearly the go-to newspapers for opinion pieces regarding Israel.

Those two newspapers typify, of course, the jaundiced opinions of the Beeboids (as the Biased BBC website terms the Corporation’s hacks) themselves.

Bowen, Danahar, Donnison and the rest of the bunch can be relied upon to tweet and bignote (without any countervailing balance) articles in those papers that present Israel in a bad light.

h/t Marvin


  • AlexanderGalt

    Britishwings is getting lower and lower. The BBC is in the cockpit and blocking its ears to the banging.The mountains are getting closer and last week the plane took another dive with the firing of Jeremy Clarkson.

    The last word on that is in a piece called “Clarkson’s Way” at:


  • ed

    bowen got a tear gas cartridge in the face when reporting in cairo “made my day “

  • Reader

    It is about time for the UK to stop taxing people with televisions to fund the BBC, for the Australian government to stop funding the ABC, and for Canada to stop pouring a $1 billion a year from taxing citizens into the CBC.