Nigel Farage: Britons so ill at ease with immigrants their children cannot play in the streets

Britons are so ill at ease with levels of immigration in their towns that their children do not play football with their neighbours in the streets, Nigel Farage has said.

The UK Independence Party leader said people in eastern England felt a “deep level of discomfort” about the millions of immigrants who have settled in the UK in the past decade.

Unveiling an election poster in the shadow of the white cliffs of Dover, Mr Farage said leaving Europe would cut net migration from 300,000 to just 30,000 a year by 2018.

Imagine, that one day a Canadian politician will say exactly that… 

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Those racists are afraid of the vibrancy.
    They are “vibraphobic”!

  • Ottawa Eyes

    Have you been to North Etobicoke after dark in the summer?

    • The Goat

      Not without George Zimmerman.

    • Observer


      Most of the public housing complexes are now like this thanks to multiculturalism and the Toronto Community Housing Corporations apparent policy of giving housing priority first to those who claim refugee status, then recent immigrants, and if there are any apartments, town homes or houses they don’t want then they become available for….. what do they call those people….. oh, Canadians.

  • Censored_often

    It has become mandatory in many parts of the Caliphate of Islamissauga for hijabi or niqab women in their huge SUVs to drive their little jihadis and muslimas to school in any temperatures under 10 degrees Celcius… Since they don’t work except as mothers raising the next generation of terrorists “Canadians” they function as a taxi service for their families and the muzzie community at large.

    As for playing outside, what’s that? That stopped years ago in Canadian suburbs!

  • marty_p

    Justin Turdeau just announced that under a Liberal government, Canada will pick up the slack and take any immigrants that are turned away from the UK.

    • Clink9

      As long as Canadians do their part and abort all the babies they can.

    • Rosenmops

      Not sure whether this is a joke or not. Sounds just like something he would do. What does he care he probably lives in a mansion far from immigrants and sends his kids to private schools.