Nervous Istanbul rocked by new deadly shoot-out

Turkish police special forces take position on April 1, 2015 near the police headquarters in Istanbul (AFP Photo/Ozan Kose)>

Istanbul (AFP) – Turkish security forces on Wednesday shot dead a female assailant after she and an accomplice sought to attack the Istanbul police headquarters, as the city reeled from its second deadly shoot-out in two days.

The woman, who was carrying bombs and a gun, was killed by the police. While her male accomplice initially escaped he was then arrested, officials said.

The clash in the Fatih district of central Istanbul came just a day after leftist militants took a top Istanbul prosecutor hostage in a standoff that ended in his death.

Prosecutor Mehmet Selim Kiraz, who had been investigating the politically-sensitive death of a teenage protester, was buried Wednesday after an emotional ceremony at the Eyup Sultan mosque in Istanbul.

One policeman was also lightly wounded in Wednesday’s attack on the Istanbul police headquarters, Istanbul governor Vasip Sahin was quoted as saying by Turkish media.

“A female terrorist, with bombs and a gun, was killed in the clash,” Sahin said…