MP says he was forced out of Conservative caucus over religious views

Brian Lilley reports for

A Conservative MP has decided he will be a Conservative no more and will sit as an independent so that he can speak more freely on his faith.

James Lunney says the media and partisan politics are forcing him to step outside of the Conservative Caucus so that his religious beliefs and views on the world don’t negatively impact his colleagues.

Would this happen to other faiths and questions whether Canadian politicians are as open and inclusive as they claim.

  • john s

    Trying to make our political parties ‘fair’ regarding their inclusiveness is pointless. We vote them in, and time and again we shy from anyone who might be an ‘extremist’, all the while allowing others to define what extremism is. Why is it that people want to complain that politicians don’t represent them? They represent what people voted for, period. You want something different? Vote for independents, don’t vote ‘strategically’ for the lesser of two evils. An actual conservative movement would draw votes from the cons, that is true. But if enough votes go that way, year after year the cons will have to move right in order to get them. The alternative is a conservative party that is nothing like. One that counts on people voting for it just to prevent the reds from taking over.

  • ontario john

    I bet if the member was a muslim promoting islamic beliefs he would be defended by the other members and of course the media.

  • Frances

    Do MPs of other faiths believe in evolution? If not, then the MSM is failing in its duty to report properly about the beliefs of our representatives.

    • Alain

      What is ignored is what people actually mean when they say evolution. One can well accept and believe in evolution while rejecting the theory that man evolved from apes. There are far too many missing links to support this as fact. Rejecting this unproved theory does not mean that one therefore accepts that creation took place in six literal days including man.

      • Frances

        I rather think that this MP rather literally thinks that the Bible, King James version, is correct in saying the world was created in six days. Beg to disagree, but think Genesis 1 is the most beautiful and poetic expressions of God’s love and creativity.

        Equally, I think a lot of media tolerance to other religions is based on sheer ignorance of their beliefs.

        And, BTW, what does it matter if an MP takes Genesis 1 literally? How does it affect his performance as an MP?