Immigration remains ‘top issue’ of Swiss voters

Now wouldn’t a mosque really make this photo look better? And set aside lots of land — Muslims don’t do cremation and they won’t share your graveyards.  And all that empty space — you know how many extra people they have in Africa, especially the Muslims, since they don’t do birth control (at least the African ones don’t).  The Swiss are positively selfish!

Immigration and integration of foreigners remain the biggest concern of Swiss voters, according to a survey conducted for the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation six months ahead of national elections.

The poll conducted last month found that 49 percent of voters rank immigration, integration and the issue of refugees seeking asylum in the country as the nation’s biggest problems.

The issue came in front of worries about bilateral relations with the European Union, ranked as a top concern by 24 percent of respondents, and the environment, seen as a major problem by 12 percent of voters.

By contrast, the strong Swiss franc, which has worried economic forecasters, was only considered a problem by three percent of respondents…