Christianity now written off as fixation with ‘sky pixie’ – Michael Gove

Christians in Britain are being cowed into hiding their faith for fear of being viewed as a “bigots” and “accessories to child abuse” or simply fools obsessed with “genuflection before a sky pixie”, according to Michael Gove.

The Coalition Chief Whip said such is the antipathy to religion that prayer is now viewed with greater suspicion than smoking crack while those who publicly profess faith are assumed to believe in “bronze age absurdities”.

Meanwhile some of the most dedicated and selfless people in society are written off as “moral imperialists” whose motives in helping others are “sullied” by their beliefs.

But writing in The Spectator, he argued that far from making people more judgmental towards others, faith teaches people true empathy and enables them to recognise their own flaws.

h/t Marvin