Christianity now written off as fixation with ‘sky pixie’ – Michael Gove

Christians in Britain are being cowed into hiding their faith for fear of being viewed as a “bigots” and “accessories to child abuse” or simply fools obsessed with “genuflection before a sky pixie”, according to Michael Gove.

The Coalition Chief Whip said such is the antipathy to religion that prayer is now viewed with greater suspicion than smoking crack while those who publicly profess faith are assumed to believe in “bronze age absurdities”.

Meanwhile some of the most dedicated and selfless people in society are written off as “moral imperialists” whose motives in helping others are “sullied” by their beliefs.

But writing in The Spectator, he argued that far from making people more judgmental towards others, faith teaches people true empathy and enables them to recognise their own flaws.

h/t Marvin

  • Alain

    Funny how it does not apply to Muslims or Muslim prayer even blocking streets.

    • Frau Katze

      It’s disgusting. These same people heap praise on Islam.

    • Blacksmith

      AMEN! I have noticed that trend myself.

    • Jabberwokk

      And Pontius Government asked: “Jesus or Barabbas?”

      And the whole world cried “Kill Jesus! Give us Barabbas!

  • Regardless of how someone feels about religion or its adherents, is one truly helping one’s case by reducing tenets to mere superstition?

    If one does not believe in God (or any god) then why would one hate Him?

    Guys who do things like that are sh– disturbers who refuse to acknowledge anything positive about faith or those who have it.

    • Canadian

      Hating something that one doesn`t believe exists does sound stupid.

  • Millie_Woods

    If you want a glimpse of where leftist social policy leads, look no further than Britain. And they haven’t finished making ‘improvements’ yet.

  • Canadian

    But islam, of course, is different. It only promotes peace and tolerance.

  • That “Bronze Age myths” line might rank as the cliche that pisses me off the most. 90% of the smug idiots who use it couldn’t ballpark the Bronze Age to within a millennium; most of the Western sacred texts (and obviously the Koran) were written well after the Bronze Age, and anyway, what’s wrong with the Bronze Age? Would it somehow be more reasonable to believe in “myths” dating from some other age? The 1980s, say? Aliens abductions? Probings?


    • tom_billesley

      Misuse of “Bronze Age” is enough to get anyone brassed off.

    • Frances

      The late Rosemary Sutcliff wrote mostly about Roman Britain, but one book, “Warrior Scarlet”, was set in the Bronze Age and celebrated that time. The Bronze Age sounded really great, if somewhat harsh, but iron would overtake bronze (weapons mainly), and nothing would be the same.

  • Frances

    Back in the day, moved here and joined the local congregation. Found therein so many Christians who were carrying their faith out into the community: Meals on Wheels, CNIB, Cystic Fibrosis, Scouts, Guides – the list went on and on. And these men and women went about carrying their faith into the community quietly; they were obeying the injunctions of their faith to do good works, but not blazoning what inspired them. I have tried to follow in their footsteps; haven’t always been successful.

    • Stronger than Dirt

      Thank-you for your Good Works … and understanding the true meaning of humility, unlike you know whos.

      • Frances

        Thank you.

  • Microaggressive

    Atheist Posting 101-

    1) Always attack Christians because they aren’t likely to hurt us like those scary Muslims.

    2) Tell everyone how smart you are because well… we just are.

    3) Use mocking language like “Sky Fairy”.

    4) Avoid questions about how come we never go after Islam because we know it is because we are progressives and they are a protected class.

    5) Accuse Christians of ancient barbarism but avoid talking about the daily brutality of Islam.

    6) Use more mocking language.

    7) Tell Christians they are dumb but never Muslims (See #1)

    8) At some point during the discussion, tell them you are an atheist to show that you are clearly superior to all others on the link. (See #2)

    9) Use more mocking language.

    10) Dissemble when talking about history because there are way too many quotes from presidents throughout history calling for prayers, fasting, victory over enemies, and other requests for God’s help.

    11) Then use more mocking language.

    • Minicapt

      And always remember: “Atheists are Brights”.


      • Microaggressive

        I’m sorry, did you say “blights”?

        I’m pretty sure that’s what you meant to say