Canada Says Mission Cost Of Sucking Up To Muslim Terror States Iran & Saudi Arabia Will Be Minimum $528 million

OTTAWA (Reuters) – Canada’s decision to extend its military mission against Islamic State forces by another year means the total cost of the operation will be at least C$528 million ($419 million), Defense Minister Jason Kenney said on Wednesday.

Legislators on Monday approved the Conservative government’s decision to extend the life of the six-month mission to April 2016 and also to expand bombing missions against Islamic State positions in Syria as well as Iraq.

Since we’re protecting Saudi Arabian, Iranian, Qatari interests etc why don’t they pony up the costs?


  • dance…dancetotheradio

    I’m coming around to your way of thinking about this.
    Especially when the Saudis are the instigators of the oil price war.

    • I want to see ISIS atomized, but also their funders…

  • WalterBannon

    launching a surplus soviet nuke at them would be more cost effective

  • Norman_In_New_York

    We know who the good guys in the region are, Israel, Egypt, Jordan and the Kurds. Let everybody else slaughter each other.

  • cmh

    Not only will these islamist countries not pay their way….they literally wouldn’t even give us the sweat off their asses…. the reason why this is so is because they are muslims and as part of their faith the kuffars pay for all. our stupid prime minister hasn’t learned yet what is set out in the koran…..

  • Gary

    If we do nothing and Justin becomes PM, we will have over 100,000 muslim “Refugees” pouring in to go on welfare and create no-go Zones for gays and Jews along with Mosques pumping out Jihadists that want a caliphate in Canada.

    Even $1billion might seem like a deal one day if we have to spent $5 billion more a year on security because of the terrorist we had to take in because no other nations wants these Master-race islamists that are unproductive.

    Don’t forget that CAIR boasted about how Correction
    Canada had to hire Imams for the Prisons and yet the real story was about why are there so many muslim In prison if 99.999999999999999% are law abiding and peaceful as the CBC and STAR claim.

    • If we do nothing, the Christians who come here as refugees will face the same violence when ISIS thugs return from their child-raping excursions.

  • I’d love to send Saudi Arabia the bill.

    Failure to reimburse means one air-lifts ISIS prisoners into Saudi Arabia.