Bangladesh: Killers of atheist “think they have done a very good job for their religion”

Is anyone in the free world who has power and influence going to stand up and denounce this savagery, and offer a defense of the freedom of speech, explaining why submission to Sharia blasphemy laws not only encourages this kind of barbarism, but paves the way to tyranny? Almost certainly not.

“Bangladesh Killings Send Chilling Message to Secular Bloggers,” by Ellen Barry, New York Times, March 30, 2015:

DHAKA, Bangladesh — When the steamy, clamorous evening had settled over this city, and Oyasiqur Rhaman had finished his day’s work at a travel agency, he would turn to one of his favorite pastimes: Poking fun at fundamentalist Islam.

Mr. Rhaman, 27, blogged under the name Kutshit Hasher Chhana, or The Ugly Duckling, and he specialized in sharp-edged satire. In one post, he adopted the persona of a self-important believer fielding questions from an atheist. (An example: “See, the captive women, impressed at the heroism of the Muslim fighters, used to engage in sex with them willingly. Don’t you see that it gave pleasures to them as well?”) He posted photos of sausages wrapped in pastries, labeled “pigs in a burqa.”

On Monday morning, after he left home for the travel agency, Mr. Rhaman was killed for what he had posted. Three young men — among them students of madrasas here in the capital and in Chittagong — surrounded him and sliced at his head with machetes, cutting deep gouges into his forehead, face and throat. His body was left on the pavement in a pool of congealing blood.

Two men were captured by local residents and handed over to the police, according to Mohammad Salahuddin, who heads the district police station. Those men said an acquaintance known as Masum had instructed them to kill Mr. Rhaman because “he made some comments against Islam” on social media, but that they had not read the comments themselves…

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  • David

    This Times article seems to have no comments while an article on Christianity does. Why would that be?

  • andrew john almady

    islam as a religion is nothing but fuckin bullshit and their prophet is a low life child molester and a fucking warmonger

  • andrew john almady

    islam should be banned, the mosques demolished and the holy books burned

  • andrew john almady

    bunch of sick motherfucking asslifters

  • The killers are murderers, themselves deserving of capital punishment. The rest is pretext, excuses for their blood lust. Every human being knows deep inside what is right and what is evil – murder is evil.

    • Not necessarily – even if we assume that people have some natural ethical principles, those could be easily neutralized after joining a totalitarian cult where the members surrender their personalities (it doesn’t matter whether it’s atheistic like communism of religious like Islam, the result is the same). In the picture they carry a sign saying that Old Mo’s “honor” comes from the sky and nobody can take it away. That absolves them from any responsibility, because they help to establish the laws of their “great religion.” Maybe many of them have bloody fantasies, but it is Islam that unleashes them, without Islam they may just continue their uneventful lives of “quiet desperation”. The case with the two Canadian terrorists last years was similar – they had lackluster existence until the conversion to Islam turned them into killers.

      • Well described. We agree entirely. I just would add that opting for Islam or Communism, even though one is born in such a milieu, involves free will, if only the laziness to question and decide for oneself.

  • ontario john

    But islam is a religion of peace. I’m sure its just a misunderstanding.

    • William Watson

      Heard that before. Turned out to be a lie every time it was uttered.

  • winniec

    Vigilantism is normative Islam.

  • Dana Garcia

    Islam has whipped up a mass bloodlust in millions of allahgangsters, and it’s very dangerous. There’s nothing like lots of headchopping and general murder to turn them on.

  • Barrington Minge

    “his honor comes from sky”….so does my internet connection..