When Special Little Snowflakes Glow

Animal, mineral, or vegetable? This special little snowflake is none of the above.

Another special little snowflake echoes this by declaring:

“i’m a translucent glow creature.. my insides are like a .. lava lamp .. but please, don’t stare. don’t..


  • Exile1981

    WTF? Some people need serious and immediate mental help not coddling or encouragement. They need to be treated for the complete inability to connect with the world around them and reality.

    • Surele Surele

      I don’t think they are in need of mental help. A slap or two on their glowiness will bring them back to normal.

  • Justin St.Denis

    I’m a HammerKin. I feel like a hammer, and I come down hard on crazy assholes who live and breathe neuroses! You inspire me, GlowKin, to smash your skull into 3,789 randomly shaped pieces. This must be love, GlowKin, am I right? Lemme hammer you just ONCE, GlowKin, just ONCE!

  • eMan14

    I’m getting so confused. Is this more fluid transgender crap? I can’t keep up anymore.

    • Frau Katze

      I feel the same. We’re way past gender confusion and in some wild new territory. (I think the blogger finds these on Tumblr. I was wandering around there the other day: “batshit crazy” is way too weak to describe it.

      They can easily block their blog from showing on Google (a Tumblr blogger told me about this).

      So they develop specialized followings and no outsiders complaining to their blog down.

      Blogger, the widely used free service, is owned by Google. So it certainly has no option to block your blog from showing on Google search.