This is What We Call “Locking You Up and Throwing Away The Key”

Daquantrius Johnson

Daquantrius Johnson will likely serve every single day of his two sentences.

A Wichita man will spend more than 11 years in prison for stealing a wedding ring and other items from a woman who was dying from a brain aneurysm in a Taco Bell drive-through in December 2013.

Sedgwick County District Judge Christopher Magana ordered Daquantrius Johnson to serve the 136-month term consecutive to other sentences he received for crimes committed while on felony probation in a 2013 burglary case. The sentences in those cases totaled 111 months, which means Johnson, 21, will be incarcerated for about 20 1/2 years.

Johnson’s attorney, Terry Beall, had asked for leniency from the judge during Monday’s hearing, suggesting his client be sentenced to probation again. [D.B. Cooper – he had to ask]

But Magana denied the request, telling Johnson: “Unfortunately, you have become a predator on others in our society … and the public must be protected from predators and the community must be safeguarded.

A jury in December convicted Johnson of aggravated burglary, robbery and misdemeanor theft for his role in the Dec. 29, 2013, robbery of Danielle Zimmerman, a 43-year-old mother and wife.

Prosecutors say Johnson, while he was with two other men, reached into Zimmerman’s truck and stole her purse and the ring off of her finger after she suffered a fatal brain aneurysm at the Taco Bell at 3725 E. Harry. She had gone to get dinner for her family when she fell ill in the drive-through lane and her truck hit the restaurant’s speaker box.

She died in a hospital the following day.