The Rules of Racialists — Part One

Cousins, nephews, grandkids, spouses, and in-laws now all look quite different from each other. Walk downtown Palo Alto, and couples of the same racial appearance are not the norm. The president, the attorney general, the national security advisor, the chief presidential advisor, the director of Homeland Security, the director of NASA, and the former EPA head are black. To watch television commercials is to see all races hawking shared products — quite unlike in the rest of the world, where they would be more likely killing each other.

Yet racial relations have also rarely been worse in the last half-century, illustrating the old sociology adage that the faster things improve and ameliorate, the more they are declared ossified and hopeless.

Perhaps because revolutionaries and the opportunistic fear that with progress for all comes obsolescence for themselves.

Part II is here.

  • mauser 98

    same course available for illegal Europeans?

    Obama Signed Agreement With Mexico to Teach Illegals How to Unionize
    and two other nations–the Philippines and Ecuador.

    • BillyHW

      Women voted for him because he was a funny looking black dude.

    • It will be soon;)

  • Whites voted in Obama. What did they get. The worst racial climate in 50+ years.

    When black American parents encourage their children to go to school and get an education just like Asian American parents, American racial problems will be reduced dramatically.

    Any (racial) group who blames their failure on others is condemned to failure.

    • Blacksmith

      I also firmly believe that race relations have seriously deteriorated under the current admin. There has been a segment of the black community as well as others that has refused to assimilate into the society of this country by forming their own enclaves that discouraged any other racial groups from entering, or doing business there. But on the whole in the 80’s and 90’s I believe it was improving. Now it is back to where it was in the 60’s of worse.