Spain: Muslim Family Arrested As Sons Set To Join ISIS

The Spanish Civil Guard arrested a Moroccan couple in Badalona early on Tuesday as well as their two sons who were about to travel to Syria, the Spanish interior ministry said.

The sons, both 16 years old, were preparing to go to Syria through Morocco on Tuesday, the ministry said in a statement.

The teens had been in contact with jihadist recruitment networks for help in organizing their trip, which was to take them into Syria through Turkey, according to the authorities.

The ministry said the brothers had been under surveillance since a third brother had traveled to Syria, where he is believed to have “joined jihadists groups linked to Daesh (an acronym for the Islamic State group)

  • The Goat

    Such vibrant diversity!

  • ntt1

    Another chance for voluntary deportation lost, send the whole family .Muslims like these are just going to create ongoing security headaches ,why not get rid of them,? the chances of surviving in the intermuslim civil war are slim to none and placing them on a no fly no re-entry list guarantees they are gone for good .Where is the down side?