Palestinians join ICC with Israelis in sights

A Palestinian demonstrates against Israeli action in the occupied West Bank Photo: AFP/Getty Images

(AFP) – The Palestinians formally gain membership of the International Criminal Court on Wednesday with the aim of pursuing Israelis for war crimes, despite uncertainty over the move’s wider ramifications.

The accession is another step in the Palestinian diplomatic and legal international campaign, which gained steam in 2014.

It has uncertain consequences, not only because it is highly unlikely Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israelis will find themselves being tried at the ICC, but also because it constitutes a new deterioration in the strained relationship.

But the Palestinians are beyond caring.

Exasperated after decades of failed negotiations with Israel, with no perspective for the state they have been yearning, they have decided to take their case to the international arena…

Notice that AFP does not mention that negotiations have failed because of the Palestinians themselves.

  • SDMatt

    . . . with no perspective for the state annihilation of all Jews they have been yearning.

    Fixed that for ya, AFP.

    • occupant 9

      Really, all the “Palestinians” want is to murder all the Jews just one time. That’s it. They aren’t asking for a multitude of attempts. They just want the Jews, all of them, dead. What’s so complicated about that, they ask?

      The Muslim rocks and Muslim trees aren’t going to call out, “O Muslim! There is a Jew behind me, come and kill him!” for nothing.

  • ontario john

    Maybe the court could start with prosecuting the religion of islam for child abuse, since its prophet was a child molester who married a child who was six, but was kind enough to wait until she was nine to have sex with her.

    • Observer

      The ICC is mostly comprised of marxist lawyers as judges so that will never happen.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    When Amnesty International, for chrissakes, accuses the Arabs of war crimes against Israelis, this move is one of desperation.

  • Hard Little Machine

    The ICC has successfully prosecuted, in its entire existence, THREE people. Of them, one died before sentencing, one was given no sentence at all.

    • Reader

      But I am sure they have a nice huge budget and employ a lot of people who otherwise couldn’t find jobs if it wasn’t for their political connections that opened the doors to their ICC jobs.