No forgiveness for slavery, racism without making restitution, Baptist pastor says

Real repentance leading to racial reconciliation demands restitution for victims of oppression and injustice, Wendell Griffen told a Hardin-Simmons University audience March 23.

“The work of healing what has been wounded, righting what has been wronged and restoring what has been stolen or destroyed requires doing justice and the ethics of restitution, reparation, restoration and reconciliation,” said Griffen, pastor of New Millennium Church, a Cooperative Baptist Fellowship congregation in Little Rock, Ark.

“Until we do these things, we have not engaged in biblical repentance, no matter what else we may have accomplished”…

And what gives him the right to “forgive” something that was not done to him nor done by any person alive now. It’s tribal talk.  Besides, affirmative action is exactly that: restitution.