More jobs lost to automation: Century-old NYC matzo factory closes its Lower East Side doors as it faces a high-tech future

The bakery first opened during World War I, serving struggling Jewish immigrants.

Passover matzos have rolled out of a century-old bakery on Manhattan’s Lower East Side for the last time.

The Streit’s factory is the oldest in the nation still churning out the unleavened flatbread that’s essential for Jewish holidays – about 2.5 million pounds of matzos were baked for April’s Passover holiday and distributed worldwide.

But Streit’s is planning to shut down its nine-decade-old ovens by the year’s end to move into a 21st-century computerized plant located in a different part of the New York area. The contract has yet to be signed…

…Some of the nearly 60 workers represent a wave of immigrants from former Soviet republics, like machine operator Michael Abramov, who was born in Uzbekistan.

He has been at Streit’s for 25 years — the only job he has ever had in America.

‘I’m not bored. I love this work. This is important. It’s our religion, it’s the history of the Jews,’ said the 61-year-old Queens resident.

Operations on Rivington Street will proceed until the new plant is running with state-of-the-art equipment that will speed up production…

  • Justin St.Denis

    Mmmm…Streit’s is the only matzos I ever buy. The best!

  • Dana Garcia

    Religious food made by robots — it doesn’t seem right.

    • Frau Katze

      I know what you mean.

    • DD_Austin

      Neither does leaving out the blood of christian children.
      It just doesn’t have that “holy” nature without the special ingredients

      The “nine-decade-old ovens” may just use a lot of expensive fuel.
      We have refrigeration now as well, (hope they aren’t using that)
      or electricity (not after sundown)

      Not much point for a “people” to have knowledge, and not use it
      because “. It’s our religion, it’s the history of the Jews,”

      There is tradition, and then their is outright backwardness
      And that something that both Jews and Muslims have in common
      separate aloofness and treating other people like they’re dirty, and
      a idiotic reverence for the past ways that it doesn’t always deserve.

      • marty_p

        The world is full of idiots.

        • DD_Austin

          It’s traditional

  • Hard Little Machine

    BDS boycotting the Evil Zionist Matzah Robots

  • AlanUK

    We have matzos in England – made by Rakusens in Leeds.
    Their selling points are:
    Very low sodium/salt
    Dairy free
    Lactose free
    Nut free
    Low in sugar and fat
    Suitable for veggies.
    None of this is surprising since the declared ingredients are just wheat flour and water.
    Personally, I rather like them – especially with a trace of honey or with cheese.
    Curious that they are not for Passover use. Presumably they are non-Kosher.