Khashogji: King Salman will work with the Muslim Brotherhood in order to stem the Iranian expansion

Jamal Khashogji

Saudi journalist Jamal Khashogji, who has close ties to the decision making circle within the Kingdom, has tweeted that King Salman bin Abd Al-Aziz will strike a deal with the Muslim Brotherhood group, if he deemed it useful with stemming the Iranian expansion in the region.

In an attempt to justify the Kingdom’s policy of dealing with the military coup in Egypt, although the coup authorities have been persecuting the Muslim Brotherhood there, Khashogji said: “King Salman has inherited the Egyptian condition”, pointing to the legacy bequeathed by King Abdullah bin Abd Al-Aziz. He added: “Let us say that so much water has passed under the bridge in Egypt and that there is a certain status quo.”

Some observers have concluded that if Khashogji’s remarks do indeed express the conviction of the Saudi Authorities, this may be regarded as an attempt by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to evade bearing moral and international responsibility with regard to the undemocratic toppling of the Muslim Brotherhood…

Alliances and enemies are slippery in the Middle East (except for Israel — the eternal enemy).

  • Alain

    More Arab tribalism, what could possibily go wrong. The Saudis are no more a friend and ally than Iran and the same goes for all the various groups: Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, ISIS and whatever.

  • Everyone Else

    I think it’s more about hanging onto the loot right now. Saudi Arabia has the world’s biggest free ATM. It costs them maybe a nickel to open the tap and let out another barrel of oil. The huge Saudi royal family will make deals with anyone not to lose the dough. They’re afraid of Iran not because it’s Shia, but because it’s run by the proles gunning for revolution. The biggest mistake ever made by the House of Saud was to fertilize the Salafis.

    This whole Jewish business is a bit exaggerated. It’s good for rallying the peons, but most of those with big bucks care more about their money than the Israelites. For example Saudi Arabia is now telling the world that they’re offering untrammeled airspace if Israel wants to take a whack at the Iran nuke industry.