Israel should kidnap Barack Obama and put him on trial like a Nazi, Ukip candidate says

The Israeli government should kidnap Barack Obama and put him on trial like a Nazi war criminal, a Ukip election candidate has argued.

Jeremy Zeid, the party’s candidate for Hendon, said Israel should “do an Eichmann” on the US president.

  • Just a thought

    Eh, …no.

    Sorry, UKIP, you just lost me.

    • tom_billesley

      He’d already resigned as a candidate by the time the Independent story came out, citing health reasons. Mental health? He also called Obama a bugger, but that doesn’t seem to have drawn criticism.

      • Just a thought


        And, I’ve called Obama worse myself. 🙂

        But kidnapping and putting someone on trial for what someone intends isn’t exactly a Conservative approach.

  • Exile1981

    I would much prefer that the US citizens try Obama for treason. Having Israel do it would be a very bad precedent.

    • barryjr

      Like Spain trying to charge and prosecute Bush? I agree though what will they try Obama for other than “he’s mean”? Why do these idiots always seem attracted to the right?

  • ntt1

    The US citizens will have to act on that file, Obumbles has alienated most US allies and far from being a stupid man, he is actually a cunning and manipulative creature who has a very dangerous agenda, If he crosses a line he will have to deal with the consequences of his actions.

    • tom_billesley
    • Freedom

      All I see in America every day are sheep. Who exactly do you think will fight?

      • ntt1

        the same people that stopped the bundy ranch episode, there are thousands of them waiting for a trigger event, dirty harry almost gave them one.

        • Freedom

          If you ask me Mr Bundy got threatened into doing some stupid racist rant to end the event. I wonder who had the power to scare him? I honestly can’t believe out of the clear blue sky with all he had going on he grabs a reporter to go do an anti- black tirade in a field. Just my opinion.

          • ntt1

            It was great theatre but there were lots of crazies heading in they ended it as they had to, Lots of Ex service men ; both the BLM guys in black and the opposing side too it could have triggered a civil war if BLM had not backed down and bundy rendered neutral.

          • Freedom

            I never really supported Bundy to be honest, I think he should have gone to court and fought it out that way.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Although that sounds funny, it’s a dumb idea.

  • Reader

    No, Israel should not kidnap Barack Obama.

    There is absolutely no way for the Israelis to know how much the Americans would demand in payment to take him back!

  • So… we’re totally against this idea?