I have lost my taste for chocolate…

UK Invader Odyssey can’t be sugar coated…

From a ramshackle camp in the woods outside Calais, a Syrian refugee made his 18th attempt to stow away in a lorry bound for the UK. Here he tells how he ended up in a tank of melted chocolate – an experience that almost killed him.

We knew that our lorry was going to the UK because the trafficker had seen a card that gets posted on the lorries when they come into the waiting area. He’s a Kurdish guy from Iraq and has been doing this for years. I left Syria with nothing, so I’d been working for him in Calais almost two months to pay my way. He said that these lorries, the ones that carry liquids, go straight on to the train without getting X-rayed.

The driver was still asleep in the cab, so we had to climb up on to the tank quietly. The hatch on top was locked, but the trafficker cut the wires.

We had no idea what was in there, but as soon as he opened it the smell hit us. It was chocolate.

h/t ZD