Brother of Mass Shooting Victim Campaigns Against Gun Control

Few people on either side of the border realize that school shootings were invented in Canada, not the U.S. — a good 20 years before Columbine, as a matter of fact.

Canada’s worst — the 1989 killing of 14 female engineering students by evil white man Marc Lepine (Muslim) Gamil Gharbi — was the impetus behind the nation’s utterly pointless long gun registry.

  • robins111

    Claude’s work with National Firearms Association makes the anti-gun grave dancers just wring their hands with angst. I rather believe he thinks if his sister had a 38 snub nose in her purse that day, things would have been different.

    • It must make them bonkers.

      • robins111

        Wendy Cuckier gobbles like a Tom Turkey every time he gets a second of media attention.

  • Clink9

    That’s why these cowards shoot people in schools. They know they’re gun free zones.

  • ontario john

    But if you ban guns, there will be no more violence in Toronto. What weapons would they use then? Knives? Don’t be silly. Who would use knives?

  • Uncle_Waspy

    If the Ecole Polytechnique massacre can be used as an indictment of legal gun owners, then by that logic it must also be an indictment of Moe immigrants.

  • Freedom

    Guns defend Liberty that simple