Barbara Kay: ISIS – Progressive pundits in denial

There is a tone – supercilious, world-weary, eye-rolling – certain progressive pundits adopt when addressing what they consider to be conservative fear-mongering that quite sets my teeth on edge.

Here, for example, is a column by Scott Gilmore in the March 30 edition of Maclean’s magazine in which he scolds conservative politicians who not only express alarm at the depredations of ISIS – the murders, tortures, mass rapes, public beheadings and live burning, not to mention obliteration of the past through annihilating acts of vandalism symbolizing the erasure of the pre-Islam past – but have the effrontery to label them “existential threats.” Gilmore assigns the sole motivation of political advantage to these charged words. It does not even occur to him that political advantage and truth-telling are not mutually exclusive.

  • moraywatson

    Very good article Ms. Kay. Only one quibble. There are no muslims in totalitarian islam who can be considered trustworthy by the kaffir.

  • Everyone Else

    How come Barbara kay is now writing for some boondocks paper?

    Does tha National Post not want to publish her any more?

  • Jabberwokk

    When this all blows up in our faces and IF we survive the consequences
    anyone even remotely espousing these ‘left wing’ beliefs should be
    barred from holding anything resembling office. They can go and start a
    country elsewhere.

    Considering the scope of destruction that we are now capable I’m sure there will be plenty of space.

  • disqus_W6sfZCiOd8

    It is a good article. ” Even though the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful and trustworthy, a small minority – amounting to millions worldwide” I think millions of muslims who wish to do jihad/harm is a concern.