Australia: Destroying a church to the cheers of an actress on the ABC

Reader Garry Furlong took this picture at 7.15am as the fire tore through the historic St James Church. Source. Photo: Garry Furlong.

The savagery of a moralist who can cheer the burning down of a church that is the heart of local, living Catholic community pledged to do good:

Actress Rachel Griffiths says she and other former parishioners of a Melbourne church which was gutted this morning are relieved the “haunted house on the hill” has been destroyed.

The massive blaze – which has now been deemed to be suspicious – started at the historic St James Church in the beachside suburb Brighton just after 6am today.

It had been the home of priest Ronald Pickering, who was found to be a pedophile by the Catholic church but was never brought to justice before his death.

Griffiths told 774 ABC Melbourne she went to visit a friend a few doors down from the church when she heard the news this morning.

“I was quite elated, like many of my generation, when I heard the news this morning,” she said.

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  • Drunk_by_Noon

    In 2000, she stated in a Madison magazine interview that she is an atheist, with a slight Buddhist leaning, but that she’s really “moral”, just not ‘Christian moral’.

    • notmarty

      One time, in a revolutionary lit class, we watched a Bolshevik sitcom from around 1920. It was a snapshot of regular factory working apartment dwelling prole life. There were surely plenty of messages in it, but none were obvious. There was no overarching narrative, no garden path, no tropes.

      I actually complained that there was no moralizing in it when the prof asked what I thought. The point, if there’s ever a point, is that the Bolsheviks produced overt propaganda that propagandizes LESS than much of what’s produced in the mainstream today. At least that was my takeaway.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        A sitcom from 1920?
        Was it silent?

        • notmarty

          Yep it was silent. I forget the exact year but it was still during Lenin’s time.

        • notmarty

          Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go watch “Justified”.

  • Alain

    Others would likely be relieved if Rachel’s house were burned down and destroyed, and she would be singing a different tune. As for a strong sense of morality I fear she is lacking it. Rejoicing in the misery of others who do not seek to harm you is immoral by any standard.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      She’s “moral” because she says she’s moral.
      Her ‘morality’ is transactional. It does not transcend any situation that makes her feel good.

  • pop

    If this was a mosque, the police would be surrounding the area, arrest and we’d be called racist.

    • Ottawa Eyes

      I wonder if this is a location some new locals wanted for a mosque?

  • What a stupid cow.

    There is a reason why actors don’t work for NASA.

    • eMan14

      Unless NASA stands for Not an Actor, Sucks at Acting.

      • No, I meant the other one, but yeah….

        • Ottawa Eyes

          She works for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, their version of the CBC. ’nuff said.

  • simus1

    The leftist mentality that crime scenes like this must be destroyed “to make everything right again” seems very close to what totally illogical witchcraft practitioners would want carried out.

  • Gettingby

    I trust no one that doesn’t believe in some kind of future judgement or some form of price to pay for earthly actions. Leads to many doing whatever they want regardless of harm to others.

  • DD_Austin

    When a ” local, living Catholic community pledged to do good’ allowed and sheltered a pedophile within it, It earned it’s happy bonfire status.

    Burn, Den of perverted vipers

  • andycanuck

    And we all know people connected with show business never screw young kids.