UK: Whatever Happened to that Muslim Brotherhood Review?

“…From the outset, the whole process has been subject to considerable public and private criticism, not to say opposition. Those people in the commentariat and political class who are generally uncritical of non-violent extremism (or rather “not violent, here, for the time-being” extremism) protested against conducting the Muslim Brotherhood review from the outset. Last year, for instance, the Financial Times quoted a “senior government figure,” saying that the investigation “Cuts against what the FCO has already been doing in this area… It risks turning supporters of a moderate, non-violent organisation that campaigns for democracy into radicals.”

This was a particularly revealing statement: it showed that apart from anything else, there were, from the outset, people at the very top of government who think that the Muslim Brotherhood is a harmless, pro-democracy group that is being unfairly and unhelpfully maligned.”

  • pdxnag

    It is the “pre-violent” stage of Islamic conquest. As the numbers go up so to do the incidences of Muslim violence against non-Muslims and other Muslims. Nominal Muslims — at best — favor Muslim on non-Muslim violence, even if they pretend to disapprove.

    Demand no less than apostasy from Islam when looking for any plausible partner for building a free society. Even nominal Muslims oppose Enlightenment. They are anti-Enlightenment. A hopeless drunk is less of a threat than even the laziest Muslim.

    • Our government needs fodder to meet its Ponzi scheme mass immigration numbers

      They don’t care where the bodies come from.

      An “acceptable level” of Muslim violence is just a cost of doing business to them.

      • Censored_often

        Treason. Pure and simple.

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