Someone in the White House is confused

“…The Muslim world is undergoing massive upheaval. Arab identity is disappearing. The identity on the rise is Islamic, tribal and sectarian. Death and destruction have reached monumental proportions.

None of the bloody conflicts have anything to do with Israel or the Palestinians.

The most peaceful place in the Middle East is the Israeli-controlled West Bank. Over the past six years, 122 Palestinians have been killed there. So when President Barack Obama talks about the chaos in the Middle East because of Israel, he appears to be living in a world of his own.

With this backdrop in mind, is the establishment of a Palestinian state really viable?

According to Hamas television, “Christians, Communists and Jews must be eliminated down to the very last man.” Hamas has the support of 61 percent of the Palestinians.

Is Obama listening? Is it hard for him to understand that a Palestinian state would mean, in all likelihood, another Jihad state and more bloodshed? What gives him the illusion that a Palestinian state will become a model of stability? Where is there stability under one of the Jihad movements?”