Not that there’s anything wrong with that… ‘World’s strongest dwarf’ to wed 6ft 3in tall transgender woman

A 4ft 4in tall dwarf who claims to be “the strongest man in the world” has revealed he hopes to break down further barriers by marrying his 6ft 3in transgender girlfriend.

Anton Kraft has smashed records for weightlifting by being able to lift four times his own weight, but the determined 52-year-old has told how his greatest achieving was bagging his glamorous new love.

The bodybuilder, who is originally from Denmark but now lives in Florida, said he instantly fell for China Bell, despite the fact she was originally born a man.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    The Magical Mystery Tour is hoping to take you away.
    Hoping to you away.
    Take you today.

  • johnbrooks3

    Hey they are happy, what’s wrong with that, besides the wedding night issue…

    • Xavier

      “both of us are basically the same sex”

      That wedding night issue?

      • ntt1

        Yeah the toilet seat issue could be a game changer, for he/she/ it as a matter of validation , the little feller as a matter of survival .if he slipped in it would be all over, the hypothermia would sap his amazing strength and that would be it.

  • Xavier

    “China Bell turns heads where ever she goes”

    In the other direction. [shudder]

  • Gaylord Ponce

    Jesus, a midget and a she-male. Monty python couldn’t think up this shit.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Not only must we not-disapprove, if we don’t approve vigorously enough, we will be sanctioned for the crime of bigotry.

  • ntt1

    Tiny percentages added to other tiny percentages still can’t approach the impact of a flatulent sparrow in a high wind.

  • ontario john

    I get tired of seeing pictures of Premier Wynne’s Cabinet.

  • Clausewitz

    “Life is a carnival, believe it or not”. First song that came to mind.

  • Editor

    “Celebrate diversity” pushed to its sublimely ridiculous extreme and shoved down our throat by the main stream media to further the cultural relativity narrative.

  • marty

    Thanks guys, it means a lot. Will post more when honeymoon is over.

    • Okey Dokey.

      • marty

        … I know I know.. here’s my hat and what’s the hurry..

  • Edubeat

    Things just seem to be getting curioser and curioser here in Wonderland

  • Justin St.Denis

    Living as we do here at the intersection of Surreal Road and Satire Circle, it’s best to both draw the blinds and close the shutters at certain times. This is one of those times.