Motion passes to extend & expand Canada’s participation in Islam’s Civil War

Canadian fighter jets will soon be launching airstrikes in Syria now that the House of Commons has approved the federal government’s plan to expand and extend its military mission in Iraq.​


I just wish I knew what side we were on, if its even possible for us to be on a side.

It’s not as if this effort will win us any Muslim friends, not even Obama.

Right now we are ostensibly holding at bay a murderous band of Sunni Muslims.

Our efforts are paving the way for murderous bands of Shia Muslims to consolidate control over Iraq.

The murderous Shia Militias are Iran’s proxy army.

The same Iran we oppose as an existential threat to Israel.

We will now start bombing that murderous band of Sunni Muslims in Syria as well.

That will help Syria’s murderous Muslim dictator Assad, Iran’s ally.

Our Syrian adventure will also aid competitive bands of Syrian based murderous Sunni Muslims who are opposed to the murderous Sunni Muslims we are bombing.

Those competing bands of murderous Sunni Muslims are opposed to the murderous Muslim dictator Assad, Iran’s ally. As you’ll recall Iran is also our ally.

By the same token we are supporting Saudi Arabia’s interests.

Saudi Arabia and Iran export and fund Muslim terrorism around the world, and yes that includes Canada, as do other of our alleged “allies” in this endeavor like Qatar.

Right now our Sunni state allies lead by Saudi Arabia are fighting our Shia ally Iran in Yemen.

What are we hoping to achieve from this mess?

We didn’t learn our lesson in Libya? In Afghanistan?

There is one reason alone to fight. Take out all the the Muslim terror states in one fell swoop. No rules of engagement, no talk of collateral damage, exporting democracy or winning hearts and minds. Just war, total and unforgiving.

Anything else is a waste of time and resources.

  • Canadian

    Get the hell out of there and let them kill each other!
    Not our business, and I don`t care who wins.

    • They aren’t doing it right.

      • Canadian

        I guess Harper doesn`t read your blog.
        Too bad.

  • 129 (NDP/Liberal) voted against this motion.

    ISIS will come here if they are not destroyed there.

    • They’re already here. We won’t destroy them however. Not by airstrikes.

      And the alternative is another equally lunatic band of Muslims.

      • I disagree.

        I don’t think airstrikes alone will fix this problem. If the heavy firepower comes from the West, then let the Kurds mop up.

        Something has to be done.

        • I am not sure how trustworthy the Kurds are and the establishment of a Kurdish state will have Turkey stewing.

          • Norman_In_New_York

            I feel that the Kurds are trustworthy as long as they have a sufficient arsenal and the Turks have richly earned the loss of their eastern 20% to a Kurdish republic.

          • Assad and the Kurds or ISIS or its clone.

            In the Middle East, our options are limited. It is either a strongman, rabble-rousers or genocidal maniacs.

            Perhaps with the Kurds, the extreme violence will stop.

            As for Turkey, who cares what it thinks?

  • Everyone Else

    Not quite. Bashar al-Assad ran an inclusive country where various minorities, including Christians, were unthreatened, and he kept the peace along the border with Israel for over 40 years. He always said the so-called moderates were actually Islamists, and he’s been proven right. Yes he fought back, but everyone in Syria except for Sunni extremists would have been killed.

    Harper was wrong at the beginning to say Assad should go, but he may be right now to help support him by attacking the Islamic State.

    • Maggat

      The whole middle east is a bit of a coin toss.

    • And his relationship with Iran?

      • Everyone Else

        Assad’s Alawites are a minority. They weren’t expansionist and the Persians don’t have that much in common with them. However, with the Salafists on a roll, Assad can’t afford to tell Iran to go away, and they may not listen anyway.

        Iran is a whole other kettle of fish. They are expansionist and personally I think they want to conquer Saudi Arabia to get the oil. If they’re going to nuke anyone it’s Ryadh, because the proles hate the monarchies, and if they kill enough of the House of Saud they could get the oil. Those Saudis will simply move to London and New York with their billions anyway.

        So I think it’s worth swatting ISIS if it helps the Alawites, but in the long run it’s a mug’s game. I don’t know if Harper has thought through the internecine variables, or is trying to do Obama a favour, or just thinks ISIS is so bad he has to do something.

    • notmarty

      That was his dad “keeping the peace” all that time. The old man was way more of a hardass (see Hama 1982). Bashar was not the right successor to maintain the existing order.

      • Everyone Else

        Bashar has held things together way longer than anyone predicted. It’s hard to blame the current mess on him. It’s essentially the result of infinite oil money in the hands of Salafi Islam.

  • barryjr

    I’m still trying to figure out what side we’re supposed to be on and this didn’t help. Maybe Harper should have used his head and figured out who is our ally then thought about it.

    • I don’t think we have an ally. I certainly don’t trust Obama.

  • Oracle9

    Like him or not, Assad has proven to be a ‘benevolent dictator’ – the best form of rule in the Arab/Muslim world, and the one who has been fighting ISIS or its precursors for years. Not ideal but really, being an Iranian proxy and all, but Syria has not been near as bad a problem for a long time. Has everyone taken such leave of their senses in that they can’t figure this one out?

    Here’s an interview with Assad made yesterday:

    • Assad is also Iran’s proxy.

      • Oracle9

        True. But he’s ruled with a modicum of stability compared to the utter chaos of the region thanks to American withdrawal of power. He has been fighting ISIS, and has Turkey and their MB sure pegged. Take out Assad and watch what happens to what’s left of the Syrian people.

        • OK but ISIS isn’t the only band of crazy Muslims in play.

          And we can’t destroy ISIS by airstrikes alone.

          • Oracle9

            Nope, I guess the only solution short of catastrophe is a complete lockdown of the region through a concerted world effort, which ain’t gonna happen. That leaves the other consequence… catastrophe.

          • Well I have often said that a cold war style containment may be a solution, however it is unlikely.

            I think we are just putting off a catastrophe, but one that will eventually befall the Muslim terror sates.

          • Oracle9

            Yeah. I feel sorry for the people and the cultures. Sad. Could have worked a bit better without the Obola admin messing everything up instance after instance. The last 6 years have been a steady decline.

          • Zaba

            ….band of crazy Muslims…..
            Are there any bands of sane muslims out there?

          • Guest

            There will be now, thanks to the infamous Cairo speech and a litany of American policy based on faulty understanding, or… more likely conscious malpractice of politics.

        • There will be bloodbaths no matter who triumphs.

      • Linda1000

        Not to mention Hezbollah sitting on Israel’s northern border.

        • Yup. Lebanon and Jordan are not exactly stable safe havens.

  • Jay Currie

    It is often difficult to know who your friends are; but identifying an enemy is not so hard.

    ISIS is an enemy.

    If you kill vermin you will, likely, help other vermin. But that does not suggest you don’t kill the vermin. Once you’ve killed the rats you go after the mice. One does not exclude the other.

    • But I do not believe that ISIS will be eradicated by our current effort.

      I am all for wiping them out. But there are bigger fish to fry.

      • winniec

        Turkey has been supporting ISIS all along.
        Shi’ites, Hezbollah, Alawites, Iran, Saudis…they’re all symptoms of the same disease of Islam. Islam is unending psychopathy.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    With respect to this imbroglio, which has spread from Iran to Yemen to Libya, side with Israel, Egypt and the Kurds and all is clear, strategically, operationally and morally. Side with any other party and all becomes confusion in which you end up dirtying yourself.

  • wallyj180

    Perhaps the solution is to bring our troops back to secure our borders.
    Outlaw Islam.
    Say good-bye to the state of Israel. They will fight the good fight, but the numbers are not in their favour.
    When it is over, see if the winner is in the mood to negotiate their survival.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      For the last 70 years, Israelis have found ways to compensate for their smaller numbers. They were the first to deploy drones and are now working on robotic ground weapons and unmanned attack boats, as well as electronic warfare.

      • wallyj180

        No doubt.
        Man for man, Israel is way ahead of these fanatics.
        But they are fanatics and they want to die as much as the rest of us want to live.
        I can’t see this ending well.
        Godspeed Israel.

    • With luck Islam will destroy itself.

      • eMan14

        This may be the only sensible way to go. I’m not against the airstrikes. And the west really messed things up when they decided the dictators of the region had to go. They replaced stability, no matter how brutal it was, with chaos.
        Letting ISIS get out of control to the point where they control the whole region would be a much larger security concern down the road. And it will be much harder to deal with than now.
        I agree airstrikes alone will not win the war. At best it will keep the status quo. But at what cost?

        • Someone has to win eventually. Saudi and Iran are the competing camps, this won’t end even if ISIS is wiped out.

  • winniec

    The Soddies and their nasty supremacist pals in Qatar and Kuwait created Franken-ISIS and taught to rampage. They won’t stop playing BLOW UP THE WORLD until ISIS comes and blows them up.

  • Linda1000

    The only country we should be supporting in the ME is Israel. Why aren’t Turkey, Jordan and the Gulf states doing more to stop IS. It is not Canada’s obligation to become involved in ME muslim terrorist internecine wars. Why are Britain, France, Germany sitting on the sidelines. The EU countries have all the economic ties and oil requirements with the ME.
    I noticed that Trudope wants to “greatly expand” the humanitarian refugee intake from Syria. No thanks.

  • Barrington Minge

    Some good points here. Withdraw troops from muslim countries, defend our own borders using those troops, mandatory life sentances for all forms of terrorist activity, deportation of foreign criminals without right of appeal etc. and then let islam fight it out among themselves.
    It might be draconian, but it will save many innocent lives.

    • Guest

      Sorry but it’s not draconian enough. No life sentences for all forms of terrorism. A bullet to the back of the head is more effective and alot less costly especially when you consider the recruiting potential these assholes have in prisons.

      • Barrington Minge

        Agreed, but there is no war that the UK will ever sanction summary execution..whoever is in government!!!

  • Brett_McS

    Our goal must be to help the side that is losing … whichever side that is at any given moment.