Motion passes to extend & expand Canada’s participation in Islam’s Civil War

Canadian fighter jets will soon be launching airstrikes in Syria now that the House of Commons has approved the federal government’s plan to expand and extend its military mission in Iraq.​


I just wish I knew what side we were on, if its even possible for us to be on a side.

It’s not as if this effort will win us any Muslim friends, not even Obama.

Right now we are ostensibly holding at bay a murderous band of Sunni Muslims.

Our efforts are paving the way for murderous bands of Shia Muslims to consolidate control over Iraq.

The murderous Shia Militias are Iran’s proxy army.

The same Iran we oppose as an existential threat to Israel.

We will now start bombing that murderous band of Sunni Muslims in Syria as well.

That will help Syria’s murderous Muslim dictator Assad, Iran’s ally.

Our Syrian adventure will also aid competitive bands of Syrian based murderous Sunni Muslims who are opposed to the murderous Sunni Muslims we are bombing.

Those competing bands of murderous Sunni Muslims are opposed to the murderous Muslim dictator Assad, Iran’s ally. As you’ll recall Iran is also our ally.

By the same token we are supporting Saudi Arabia’s interests.

Saudi Arabia and Iran export and fund Muslim terrorism around the world, and yes that includes Canada, as do other of our alleged “allies” in this endeavor like Qatar.

Right now our Sunni state allies lead by Saudi Arabia are fighting our Shia ally Iran in Yemen.

What are we hoping to achieve from this mess?

We didn’t learn our lesson in Libya? In Afghanistan?

There is one reason alone to fight. Take out all the the Muslim terror states in one fell swoop. No rules of engagement, no talk of collateral damage, exporting democracy or winning hearts and minds. Just war, total and unforgiving.

Anything else is a waste of time and resources.