Islamophobia, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Islamophilia

If some (or, rather, many) were to have their way, they would amend the First Amendment to this: Your right to free speech ends where my feelings begin. As per usual, the proponents of the “feelings” standard would persist in leaving it undefined. After all, why bother with that antiquated requirement for precise definitions when, nowadays, the “progressive” West is (all too) experienced at predicting and prohibiting the kind of speech that, under the latest implicit standard of feelings, would be deemed beyond the pale?

By the West, I don’t mean the judicial and legislative branches of the governments of the United States and European countries; no longer is it trendy to settle on judicial and legislative experts to determine the bounds of liberties. Instead, the up-and-coming de facto judge, jury, and executioner are Muslim extremists—a three-in-one package deal—who, in effect, enforce the “feelings” standard with a bombing here, a beheading there, and fatwas everywhere. Western political puppets are, then, clued in to what that standard is, and tacitly comply by lending their authority to the prohibition of any speech not congratulatory of Islam. Meanwhile, they diligently remind their people that the barbarism has nothing to do with Islam.

A refreshing change of pace from Harvard.


  • Editor

    After reading much of her writing over the last few years, I’ll go with her description of islam over Obama’s “religion of peace” drivel.

  • Censored_often

    Excellent link. Thanks for posting.

  • MS Peng shines the bright light of reason into the carcass Islamic totalitarianism.

    Job well done.

    Islam is in bad need of a reformation. Let’s get the process started. No PC blinders, please.

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    Of course the comments section at the link is full of apologists for Islam.

    Some people can’t see the truth, even when it’s given to them in such simple terms.