ISIS pull down monuments and smash tombs in Syrian cemetery

Two camouflage-wearing militants are seen pulling over gravestones at the cemetery in Raqqa province

Militants fighting for the Islamic State have now turned their savagery on the dead, tearing down graves and smashing tombs at a cemetery in Syria.

Not content with the rape and massacre of the estimated four million brutally oppressed people living under the terror group’s control in Syria and Iraq, ISIS jihadis are now victimising the dead.

Claiming gravestones and tombs are a form of veneration of the dead and only distract from the worship of Allah, the heavily-armed, camouflage-wearing militants are seen happily reducing the hilltop cemetery to large piles of rubble as they pull down and smash the stone monuments…

  • Dana Garcia

    Another day for the Religion of Smashing Stuff…

  • winniec

    All of them will be exterminated when the Shi’ite militias arrive.

  • Now that the House of Commons has voted to extend the mission, maybe these grave-destroyers will get theirs.

  • k1962

    Now they have more rocks for their quaint stoning rituals!

  • Just a thought

    Didn’t have anyone to burn in cages – have to keep themselves busy, after all.