Greenfield: UN Human Rights Chief Praises ISIS Diversity

ISIS. It’s just so diverse. It has rapists, killers, beheaders and butchers, suicide bombers and sociopaths from all nations and peoples. As long as they’re Muslim. (And if they aren’t, they get raped, killed, beheaded and suicide bombed, not necessarily in that order.)

And we know diversity is a good thing. It’s the only good thing there is in this horrible racist world. So that must mean ISIS is good…

  • No matter what country you come from, if you are willing to kill, rape, steal or destroy priceless artefacts, you are ISIS’ kind of people.

    What a sick fraternity.

  • eMan14

    Zeid Raad al-Hussein.. he is Muslim of course. Yet how did he achieve such a high position above the level of his incompetence?

  • Just a thought

    The worst of my teachers, and college administrators were NEVER even close to that bad. Thank G-d I don’t go to college today!

  • winniec

    A diverse motley crew of barbarians. Enough to fill dozens of jails when they’re all rounded up.

    • Exile1981

      I think graves are a better solution than devils island.