Don’t Give Us Your Tired And Your Poor Any More

Steven Camarota on whether “give me your tired and your poor” still makes sense in the early 21st century. The answer is clearly “No!”.

It’s also worth adding that, in addition to a long-term decline or stagnation in wages for most American workers, the share of working-age natives who are actually working shows a long-term decline that began well before the Great Recession. As recently as January of 2000, 52 percent of native-born Americans ages 18 to 65 without a high-school education had a job. Today it’s 40 percent. For natives with only high-school education, it was 74 percent in 2000; today it’s 65 percent.

See my post Employment-Population Ratio By Education Level. The 30 point gap in employment rate between high school dropouts and those with at least bachelors degree strongly argues that the economy no longer has a use for most lower IQ people. I expect this problem to grow in the future at automated taxis and trucks and automated restaurants remove some of the remaining work for people with lower levels of ability…

  • Dana Garcia

    I need to mosey over more often to read Parapundit, who once sagely remarked, “Muslims are nature’s way of telling us that multiculturalism is a really bad idea.”

  • Freedom

    You can’t have a open border and welfare. System can’t work period.

  • cmh

    Did you hear trudeau earlier today saying rather than extending the mission overseas that we should take thousands more refugees?

    • eMan14

      He’s an effin MORON