Daniel Pipes: ‘Obama has quite a hostility towards Israel’

“The little we know about Obama before he became president suggests he is someone who’s got quite a hostility towards Israel”, he explains. “He controlled these hostile feelings towards Israel but now, in his sixth year, with Netanyahu re-elected and things are set for the next two years, these have come out”.

  • bob e

    barry o’fraud look like he be tokin’ some choom in this photo ..

  • eMan14

    Obama has alienated just about every single ally America has ever had. He cannot leave office fast enough. For America’s sake and the world.

  • CodexCoder

    The President behaves like a spoiled child with a preconceived notion of how the world must work. He becomes distraught when that notion is violated, and like a child, pouts, then becomes angry with the one that disturbs his vision of perfection. He is unwilling to work for a compromise because he firmly believes that his vision is unassailable, and dismisses anyone that does not share his vision as inferior.

    It is this reason that people have difficulty working with him, not because of skin color. Having never faced the political and military adversity that Netanyahu deals with on a daily basis, he cannot comprehend the Israeli position.