Canada’s hypocritical Left embraces “American-style” campaigning

Leftists are always warning that “Koch Brothers”-style fundraising will destroy Canada.

Yet the Media Party is celebrating the launch of “GreenPAC,” an allegedly non-partisan lobby group with a clearly liberal-friendly agenda.

At the same time, Conservative Voice — a new “right-wing” political action group — is being described in the press as “mysterious” and vaguely sinister.

  • Alain

    Without SNN we are left with the Liberal Media Party with their lies. Of course the exception is blogs and now Rebel, but they lack the coverage of the Liberal Media Party. I suspect that this is yet another case of Yankee interference and funding which in no way excuses our 5th columnists.

  • eMan14

    If this was a Conservative think-tank, it would be criticised for being overly white. One aboriginal woman, one women of possibly Indian (India) background. Which is not in itself bad mind you.

    Their goal..”By supporting environmental champions running for public office, regardless of political party, Canadian voters who care about the environment can have a voice and work to elect a parliament full of environmental champions.”
    It will be interesting to see which candidates they will be supporting in 2015.