CAIR, Left fail to strongarm Ted Cruz into pulling out of event with Robert Spencer

Ted Cruz and I were both featured speakers at the Young America’s Foundation’s New England Freedom Conference in Nashua, New Hampshire this weekend, and the Leftists and Islamic supremacists were in an uproar: the Hamas-linked terror organization the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) demanded that Cruz withdraw from the event, and Mother Jones and Media Matters both published lengthy guilt-by-association pieces, wildly misstating and misrepresenting my views and trying to tar Cruz with positions that neither he nor I hold.

Cruz didn’t cave in to this pressure; both he and I spoke at the YAF event, and the media is still reeling from his refusal to submit to their dictates. The Hill said yesterday:

The speech was not without controversy — the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) asked him not to attend due to Robert Spencer’s appearance at the same event. Spencer is an author who has courted controversy over his criticism of Islam.

“Courted controversy.” Heh. Yeah, we’re going steady. And the Washington Post:

Cruz spoke at the Young America’s Foundation New England Freedom Dinner in Nashua. The Council on Islamic Relations asked Cruz not to appear because Robert Spencer, who co-founded an anti-Muslim group, was also appearing at the conference.

“Anti-Muslim group” — evidently the WaPo thinks it “anti-Muslim” to oppose jihad terror and the Sharia oppression of women, non-Muslims, gays, etc. That’s more revealing about them than about me…

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    What’s more likely, that hundreds of thousands of Muslim terrorists are misinterpreting Islam, or that one person, Robert Spencer, is telling the truth about Islam?

    Not that the mainstream media has ever concerned itself with logic.

  • roccolore

    Ku Klux Kair fails again.

  • Dana Garcia

    Good to see Cruz resistant to CAIR threats. I like to see fearless candidates who stand up to leftists and enemies.

    After Mitt Romney allowed Candy Crowley to overpower him in a debate, I decided Mitt was too polite (aka cowardly) to be president, although I did vote for him.

    • Brett_McS

      Exactly. He was going to take on Putin, but Candy Crowley … too scary.

  • cmh

    you guys are the true face of traditional america…. keep going ahead

  • Brett_McS

    This is why the press hate Cruz: He’s a conservative who mocks them and laughs at them – in a polite way – and doesn’t take them seriously, as they seem to think they should be (for some reason).

    They are used to the Rinos, who fear the press most of all.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Last year, Cruz was invited to address a gathering of Middle East Christians to show his support for them against the jihad onslaught. When he told them that they had no more reliable an ally than Israel, the audience started booing. Cruz then said, “If you will not stand with Israel, I will not stand with you,” and walked off the podium. He is a man of principle and my respect for him skyrocketed.

    • The Goat


    • Alain

      Wow, a politician with principles and who is honest! I only wish we one like him.

    • Brett_McS

      I remember that. Awesome response. According to Caroline Glick, the Israeli Christians are indeed moving their alliance from the Arabs to the Israeli Jews.

  • The Goat

    +1 for Ted Cruz.

  • Freedom

    Ted Cruz for the Win !!!!!!!!!!!