Britain’s Ukip demands Swedish TV apology

Sweden’s media watchdog has given public broadcaster SVT a rap on the knuckles for labelling Britain’s Ukip an “extreme right-wing populist party” and the party has told The Local it now wants a public apology from the broadcaster.

The Swedish Broadcasting Authority (Granskningsnämnden) launched an investigation when a member of the public reported SVT’s Aktuellt news programme to the watchdog after hearing comments made about Ukip by a correspondent in Brussels in a section about UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s tougher line on immigration.

“How many [immigrants] can be restricted and how many can be blocked? This is a political debate being driven by Ukip, the UK Independence Party, and Cameron now needs to stem the flow from his party to the extreme right-wing populist party, so that’s why he is doing this,” the reporter said.

On Monday, Granskningsnämnden issued a statement arguing that the broadcaster did not remain duly impartial and said that SVT should make public “in an appropriate manner” the ruling against the network…