You know France has an Islam problem…

When it’s nationals are deported from a place like Morocco for “terrorism offenses”

“Three French nationals were sentenced Thursday to four months in prison in terrorism cases, before being expelled from Morocco Friday morning, is it learned from sources close to the matter.

The main accused was convicted by a court of Salé, near Rabat, to two years in prison four months firm for “constitution of criminal gang to prepare and commit terrorist acts as part of a collective project” reported MAP reported.”


Morocco is often cited as a tolerant, even somewhat enlightened Islamic craphole, that’s a lie:

‘House-Churches’ and Silent Masses —The Converted Christians of Morocco Are Praying in Secret

Morocco is often perceived to be tolerant to different faiths, with the freedom of religion anchored in the 2011 constitution. Around 99 percent of the population is Sunni Muslim, but there are also around 25,000 Christians and 2,500 Jews living freely in the country.

Those Christians, however, are almost all foreigners from France, Spain and sub-saharan countries. Converted Moroccans — most of them secret worshippers, of whom there are estimated to be anywhere between 5,000 and 40,000 — face a different reality, said Zouhail, 34. “Our country has freedom of religion — but not for Moroccans,”