‘With Jews Gone, the Muslims Persecute Christians’

In his latest UN Security Council speech on abuses of religious minorities in the Middle East Friday, Ron Prosor, Israel’s UN Ambassador, lucidly decoded the Orwellian machinations of the United Nations by stating: “There is only one place in the Middle East where minorities have the freedom to practice their faith, change faiths, or practice no faith at all – and that is Israel.”

  • Ron MacDonald

    History repeating itself . . .

  • Dana Garcia

    Islam playbook: First, kill the Jews. Next, kill the Christians. When they are gone, kill the (choose one) Shia or Sunni. Then move along to left-handers. Don’t forget the pets, particularly the short-legged canines.

    • Islam is a psychotic cult.

      • winniec

        Islamic Stockholm syndrome.

    • What a sad culture that just finds something to hate.

  • winniec

    Israel was created for Jews by the League of Nations. It is a legitimate country. The Arabs living in Israel are there because they like the freedom they don’t find in Arab states. The Fakestinians use the Jordan flag because they want the whole territory to become Jordan.

  • Hard Little Machine

    It’s not as if the “UN” cares about that either.