USA: New Data Show Immigrant Gang Arrests

Members of the 18th Street Gang. Source.

Violent immigrant and transnational gangs such as MS-13, the Sureños, and 18th Street continue to present a significant public safety threat in many parts of the United States, according to arrest records released by ICE to the Center for Immigration Studies.

In 2013 (the most recent year available), ICE arrested significant numbers of gang members in California, Texas, Chicago, and the New York City and Washington, DC, metropolitan areas. Large concentrations also were arrested by ICE agents in Atlanta, Charlotte, and south Florida.

In addition to the large transnational gangs, smaller immigrant gangs that operate locally or regionally are a problem all over the United States in urban, suburban, and rural areas. Since 2005, ICE has arrested more than 32,200 gang members, leaders and associates. Arrests peaked in 2012, then dropped by more than 25 percent in 2013, and continued to decline in 2014.

This recent record calls into question President Obama’s claim that gang members are among the highest priorities for enforcement. The administration has been severely criticized for legalizing known illegal alien gang members in the controversial Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, including Emmanuel Jesus Rangel-Hernandez, who has been arrested in North Carolina for the murder of four people…

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    The population replacement continues unabated.
    They would rather have MS-13 gang members than people who know the constitution.

  • Freedom

    Undocumented democrat voters

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      Vibrant Community Organizations.

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    No worries, pretty soon they ‘ll be over-run by the illegal immigrants given amnesty

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    They look like some of my past grade eight classes. Yes the natives are restless.

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    Declining arrests does not mean the problem is going away; it means someone decided there should be fewer arrests.

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    The slow-motion road to Mad Max.