There Is Nothing European About Muslim Violence

The first school I ever attended had heavy steel doors behind which lay a narrow corridor and a window of bulletproof glass. The next set of steel doors could only be opened by the former Israeli commando behind the glass. And no one was allowed to enter or leave except on a staggered schedule so that in the event of a terrorist attack not more than a handful of children and parents would be killed.

This school wasn’t in Israel. Israeli schools don’t look like this. Jewish schools in Europe do.

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    “They are leaving behind the defeatism that hangs over Europe for a sense of purpose. And they are not alone.” With that attitude imperial Islam (is there no other) will dominate Europe. What a hell hole.
    Australia’s version of BBC’s Question Time

  • Millie_Woods

    Everything is fine in Europe. I repeat, everything is fine in Europe.

    Go back to sleep you dumb honkies. We will let you know when there is something to be concerned about.

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      Well that’s a good thing because I sure don’t want my relatives and country having to risk their lives to save your asses again, for the third time. To hell with Europe!

      • Millie_Woods

        Actually it would be a fourth time, counting that genocidal Bosnian/Serb dust up.

  • JoKeR
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      My bet is Mohammed hated dogs because he was bitten by one.