The problem with white guilt

While privileged Muslims like “Jihadi John”, or his real name, Mohammed Emwazi, run off to join the Islamic State because they felt “discriminated” by equal treatment under British law and society – ignorant people like Russell Brand will concede to their fascism by claiming the lack of special accommodations Muslims receive is an act of racism and “intolerance”. And the privilege experienced by people like Brand is toxic ignorance compounded by an inferiority-complex induced by white guilt which prevents them from grasping the absolute fact that acts of racism, violence, oppression and cruelty are not limited to just white people – and that people like Emwazi and the Kouachi brothers [who committed the Charlie Hebdo massacre] are dictators of society rather than some disenfranchised victim of western intolerance.

Sharia courts were not enough [yes, U.K. has multiple Sharia courts!] for Muslim extremists like Emwazi – they want every single western citizen, just as Brand, to fully renounce their common sense and submit to the “logic” of Sharia and if they refuse such fascist demands – they will stomp their feet, fly off to La-La-Land [Middle East], join a terrorist organization and behead a bunch of infidels to express how oppressed they are by the westerners’ rejection of Islamism.