Maple Lodge Farms Probes Allegations Of Animal Rights Violations

They’re a Halal joint

  • SDMatt

    You know, I saw a bit of this expose last night and to tell the truth, it wasn’t that bad.

    A few chickens were hung from one leg instead of two. Some crates of chickens weren’t gently placed on a conveyor. Some chickens survived the stunning/throat slitting process and were dumped into a boiling vat of water alive – as my wife who lived in a central American country as a student commented, this was nothing: imagine a bunch of kids chasing around “dinner,” grabbing it by the neck and twirling the bird in the air to snap the head from the body.

    All in all we’d all be better off if we were closer to the food we eat, including its slaughter, but that ain’t going to happen. So we had chicken tonight and I enjoyed it.

    And of course no one in the MSM or any of the Animal welfare kooks is going to do an expose on Halal slaughter – Maple Lodge claims to be halal but my understanding is that a machine does the work and many Mohammadans don’t consider it to be halal. But a cow slaughtered the halal way? Now there’s some theatre the do-gooders are never going to touch.

    • That’s what I want to see them take on.

      • Brenda2600

        I have posted every I could that this company is licenced by the liberals in Ontario and is HALAL, as well as part of their monopoly of supply management. If everyone did this, perhaps the message would get through the noise.

    • marty_p

      I grew up on a farm. Our neighbour had chickens. When it was time to catch dinner – the neighbour would chase a chicken until it collapsed from exhaustion, would chop of its head with a hatchet and all the kids watching would stand there laughing as the headless chicken ran around until it died. Then he would chop off the feet and we’d take turns holding the quivering feet until they stopped moving. No one thought anything was out of the ordinary.

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    ‘… knock them unconscious as designed.’

    Smells like halal alright!

    I read a brief, light-on-details story about this in the Star this weekend and wondered if the facility was halal based solely on its location in the GTA (Brampton).

    Not that the Huff-Post used the word ‘halal’ in their story. Cowards…..

  • eMan14

    Maple Lodge Farms is supposed to be the largest supplier of Halal chicken in Ontario. I can no longer find any mention of Halal on their website. If anyone can, let me know.

    • Ho Hum

      They market their halal products under the “Zabiha Halal” brand

      In the supermarkets you will see their Zabiha Halal products in green packaging placed right beside their “non-halal” products in blue packaging. If you compare their “green” products with their “blue” products they appear identical which leads me to believe that they are selling unlabeled halal meat in the blue packaging.

      I have long boycotted Maple Lodge Farms and I urge everyone else to do likewise!

  • kkruger71

    Worked at the other end of the industry catching chickens for a summer as a teenager. Halal or not, these birds are not treated nicely at either end of the trip. We did get bonuses for fewer broken legs and stuff that we sent and avoiding the undersized birds you will get in the barns. After all the trucks have been loaded and the lights are brought up full, the remaining undersized or injured birds are “taken care of” in one of three ways. The farmer either picks them up by the head and gives them a spin to break it, just walks around and stomps on each one, or some of them would just leave them to be plowed out by the machine they use to scrape the floors clear of all the sawdust and shit.