Letter: Islamic State reflects true Islam

The average American, including Muslims, is woefully ignorant of the beginnings of Islam. It started with the sword and continues to this day. Muhammad gave people the choice of either converting to his religion, living as virtual slaves under Muslims, or dying.

Muhammad personally led attacks on innocent caravans to finance his religious wars. He rewarded his men with women for raping and use as sex slaves, stolen booty and the bloody killing of his enemies.

One example tells it all. In A.D. 627, the last Jewish tribe in Mecca, the Banu Qurayzah, surrendered, but refused to convert to Islam. Muhammad ordered perhaps 800 men to be decapitated in front of their women and children. Torches were lit so the slaughter could be accomplished in one day. Then the women were raped and the children brought up as Muslims.

The Islamic State, also known as ISIL or ISIS, in 2015 offers a true representation of what an Islamic society looks like. They advertise normal historical Islam, not radical Islam.

William Landers Gutel, Lansing, Michigan


  • Yes it does, IS is the lived koran

    • They aren’t doing anything the original conquering Muslim armies didn’t do, except use modern technology.

  • winniec

    “Islamic State reflects true Islam”
    ISIS is exactly what 65% of Muslims have been approving in opinion surveys: strict Sharia law under a caliphate.
    ISIS is the dream-come-true of 65% of Muslims. They are now totally silent when they see what they get! ISIS is scrupulously, meticulously, even obsessively Islamic.

  • k1962

    Great letter, to the point and accurate!

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    That’s a great letter, and I’m sure the fighters/administration of the Islamic State take it as a great compliment that they are being recognized for following so closely in the footsteps of their ‘prophet’.

  • Brett_McS

    Accurate except for the “Mohammad personally led attacks…”. As Robert Spencer notes, there is not one mention of a Mohammad by either the Arabs or by those they were attacking during the initial expansion. The Arabs were illiterate, so perhaps understandable, but those they were attacking certainly were not and could have been expected to mention the name of the warlord leading the army invading their land.