Islam in America Today

h/t Creeping Sharia (See some choice quotes from CAIR at the link)

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Q: Do you condemn HAMAS/Hezbollah
    A: Side-steps and lies about condemning all terrorism

    The question no observant Muslim can withstand, and therefore all should be asked.

    • Lie lie lie. It’s what they do.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        Except when you catch them on camera and in a public forum, then they CAN’T.
        Their stumbling with an answer gives them away.

        In fact, I think that one question should be the very first question asked at the start of every interview and in public discussions.
        They would LOVE to lie, but the can’t, because by denouncing the Muslim Brotherhood, they denounce their controllers and fellow travelers too, and that would get them into a huge amount of trouble.

        You notice that girl is more afraid of HAMAS than Homeland Security.

      • Zaba

        Yeah, almost like they were told: lie or die.

  • luna

    Nice video, but no mention of the terrorist training camps inside the U.S. Heck, even my local “Islamic community center” offers kickboxing classes for military age males.