Irrigation minister says ‘Egypt has entered water poverty era’

Egypt’s current yearly consumption of water was about 83 billion cubic meters while its share of Nile water amounts to 55.5 billion cubic meters. (File photo: Reuters)

Egypt’s minister of irrigation and water resources warned on Saturday that his country has entered “an era of water poverty,” with a current yearly shortage of 23 billion cubic meters, Al Ahram newspaper reported, citing the MENA news agency.

Nile_Basin_Countries“Egypt has entered the era of water poverty,” Hossam Moghazi said during a ministry event to celebrate the international day of water.

He added: “We have to rationalize consumption so we are accountable to Egypt’s agricultural, industrial and drinking water needs”…

…Last week Egypt signed a declaration of principles with the Nile basin countries Ethiopia and Sudan, where they agreed on broad guidelines over Ethiopia’s contested dam.

Critics however dubbed the declaration as acknowledging the Ethiopia Grand Renaissance Dam as a undisputed fact, excising any opportunity from Egypt for any further negotiation…

The Muslim Brotherhood refused to sign any deals over the dam. Related reading:

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  • pop

    Drown in your society!

  • Petr

    Dont double the population every 3 decades. Easy really.

    • Frau Katze

      That would a good place to start.

  • Freedom

    Egypt is one of the good guys at this point in time.

    • DD_Austin

      Who are the others? North Korea, Sudan, Iran?

      I hope Ethiopia diverts every northern bound drop into the Danakil desert

      Let them drink sand and Allah

    • Xavier

      I do wonder how long that’s going to last, though.

      • Frau Katze

        You can never tell in the Middle East.

  • Clausewitz

    This is not the result of Global Warming, but it is the result of the mismanagement of the Aswan Dam.

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