German textbooks criticized for stereotyping Muslim names

Muslim religious leaders and Members of Parliament of Turkish origin in Germany have voiced concern following government research that shows that school textbooks emphasize frictions and conflicts between German society and immigrants.

The Islamic Council of Germany Secretary-General Burhan Kesici, The Left party’s Berlin State Assembly member Hakan Taş and The Greens party Federal Assembly member Özcan Mutlu spoke about the issue with The Anadolu Agency.

Kesici, who also gives Islamic lessons in capital Berlin, told AA that textbooks typically contained prejudice against migrants and in some cases even denigrate them.

Some books even contain examples of stealing by using characters with traditional Muslim names like Ahmad. Kesici said: “They (textbooks) impose on little children ideas that foreigners are bad and are involved in theft and violence.

“This lingers in their minds and becomes part of daily conversations and discussions at school,” he added.

Also, he said that there was already a general lack of knowledge about foreigners and Muslims in the country, which was compounded by negative comments and judgments in textbooks…

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Muslims DO lie, cheat, and steal, and rape and murder.
    It is who they are, and is commanded of them by their prophet and religion.
    They are derived from, and a product of, a low-trust culture.

  • locum

    Mohumad represents an evil religion called Islam.

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    ‘Unveiled earlier in March, the project concluded that immigration and diversity were presented as problems that should be combatted to attain homogenous societies.’

    That would reflect badly on the Germans, but, it’s NOT the fault of the Germans that the Turks, and other Muslim immigrant communities, have done little to assimilate themselves.