Whaaaaaaaaaaa! You didn’t give me everything I asked for!

Muslim journalist in Sydney says Australia pushing youth into the arms of terrorists

h/t Suze

  • Allan

    What a whinny little girl. Who the hell forced you to go to Australia?? Did the Aussies force you to go at the point of a gun? Now you think they owe you a living? Go back to your shithole country and see how it goes there you asshole.

  • iceis

    This African Muslim from America should watch this

    You’re unemployable like all the other journalist.. You’re a whiny male.

    Go back to America. We don’t want you mate.

    • Surele Surele

      How about if he goes to any country with …stan in its name?

  • iceis

    Go fight , we don’t like your wimpy ways you ungrateful git.

  • iceis

    Why not volunteer at the new muslim tv ? Wanker.

  • iceis

    Or push trolleys at supermarkets?

  • eMan14

    Just a radical idea… take some responsibility!

    • Surele Surele

      RACIST!!! you want him to what… work? God forbid.