Toronto – Diversity Is Our Strength: Holocaust A Lie & So Was 9/11 Claims Local Muslima U Of T Grad

Meet Aisha Saber, she’s a budding writer from Toronto and a 2012 U of T Grad according to her FB page linked here.

Aisha Sabeer FB

Aisha’s career has seen her work for Muslims And the World, where she wrote some unique contributions to our mosaic of diversity.

Aisha has developed a special interest in the Holocaust and other Jewish conspiracies.

In this review of David Irving’s work, entitled Holocaust Facts, Holocaust Stories, & Holocaust Denial, we learn from Aisha that perhaps the world’s most famous Holocaust Denier is in fact a paragon of virtue:

“David Irving could lay claim to being the world’s premier historian and authority on Hitler and the Second World War, but one thing he will never lay claim to is being the most popular. He has been banned from numerous countries, imprisoned, persecuted, and people have even gone as far as smashing the windows of book stores which sell his books; all because he speaks the truth.

In this video, David Irving speaks about his book Hitler’s War, and the events surrounding that moment in time. He didn’t write the book on fables or stories, as many of today’s versions of history contain, but instead thoroughly scoured the historical archives for 30 years to write a book solely based on facts. One of these facts is that there is not one historical record linking Hitler to the Holocaust: It just didn’t happen.

…Irving tells of the trials the modern day Jews have put him through for exposing their Holocaust lies, and also provides a detailed account of why their stories are lies, and what the truth actually is. He describes the Holocaust as a package, and the Jews want you to buy it without inspecting it, and if you want to inspect it you are branded a Holocaust Denier.”

That baby is preserved for posterity.
Aisha Sabeer Holocaust Facts, Holocaust Stories, & Holocaust Denial

Were the Jews were behind London’s 7/7 Bombings? Aisha says yes in this article, Proof that Israel was involved in the London 7/7 Bombings:

The London 7/7 Bombings are written in history as just another terrorist attack by angry Muslims against Western countries because they hate freedom, but closer examination of the evidence clearly shows that they were a staged attack, with both Israel and the UK governments and special forces having involvement.

This is one for the history books.

Aisha Sabeer Israel behind London 7-7 Bombings

Aisha also informs us in this article, Short History of Government Staged False Flag Attacks, that 911, among other tragedies, was in fact a conspiracy by the US Government:

“False Flag attacks are becoming common place in the new millenium, especially in the US, with the 9-11, Sandy Hook, Aurora Theatres and Boston Marathon terror attacks being performed by the US government. So while there is an increased level of false flag attacks occurring in modern times, it is by no means a phenomenon unique to our lifetimes.”

That’s a keeper Aisha.

Aisha Sabeer Short History of Government Staged False Flag Attacks

Don’t you feel enriched? Aisha is on Twitter too…

  • DMB
    • You can ask her on the blog it has comments;)

      • Frau Katze

        I don’t see any comments from the iPad. You are referring to “Muslims and the World”?

        Correction: I just saw the comments. They are a bit flaky, don’t always show up right away.

  • roccolore

    This is what happens when you were a bag on your head. Oxygen doesn’t go to your brain.

    • She’s a big fan of that bag;)

    • k1962

      I’d call it a shmata which is Yiddish for rag.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    With that kind of line, I’d think she’s running for MP!

  • This bint has problems. She’s a conspiracy nut – not just Jews etc., but Illuminati, Masons, um, evolution… check her out.

  • Frances

    Too bad my father’s generation is gone; they had no doubt of the reality of the holocaust. If those men (and they were mostly men) hadn’t actually liberated a death camp, they knew someone who had. That reality was seared in their memories, and they passed it on to us, their children.

    • This being Canada I’ll probably be arrested for exposing Ms. Sabeer’s religious beliefs to contempt.

      • Frances

        Go for it!!

    • Rosenmops

      My mom and dad often spoke about the war and how evil the Nazis were ( My dad was in the RCAF ) My mom lived in Vancouver during the War , and she told us that after Pearl Harbor happened people in Vancouver were expecting the Japanese to attack. People were really scared and some of the Japanese people in Vancouver were loyal to Japan. They thought they were a master race and the emperor was a god. Damn good thing they did put them in camps . They weren’t harmed.

      • DVult

        That is my understanding also.

      • Frances

        My parents were up the west coast as well, and my mother would talk of Japanese fishing boats supposedly mapping out the passage between Vancouver Island and the mainland in the 30’s. Do not know if this was ever proven, but it was one of the stories circulating. She also named a local businessman who supposedly had maps, etc., hidden under the floor. Again, I don’t know the truth.

        What I do know is that the Japanese community was of long-standing in the Vancouver area. There’s a monument in Stanley Park to the Japanese-Canadians who fought in WW I. However, there was a lot of tension between the Chinese and the Japanese communities in Canada as a result of Japanese activities in China. As well, however loyal the Japanese-Canadians may have been to Canada, the Japanese government considered them Japanese citizens who would be required to take up arms against Canada in the event of an invasion. And, as an old family friend once remarked, “I don’t hate the Japanese; I just lost a lot of friends in Hong Kong.”

        I can understand why the Japanese were interned. What sticks in my craw, though, was the wholesale confiscation of their properties and subsequent sale to government cronies who profited handsomely.

  • BillyHW

    Meet UofT’s future campus diversity officer! Such vibrancy from one so young.

    • Frau Katze

      I feel so enriched!

      • Rosenmops

        My department is scheduled to go to “Diversity training” soon. Maybe I’ll be sick that day. I’m afraid someone is going to tell me to ‘Check my privilege ‘ and I’ll snap and punch them.

        • I want a picture!

        • WalterBannon

          i would pay to see that

    • How does someone like her graduate university?

      • Frances

        Depends on the courses. Can guarantee she doesn’t have a BSc in anything, particularly not geology (wouldn’t have lasted there).

        • k1962

          Most likely a B.A. in Womens’ Studies. Sounds like she would fit right in being a radical muslim with all of the hatey Israel stuff. My bff and I almost died when we realized what kind of a sh*t class we got ourselves into when we took an into to Women’s Studies at U of T back in 1981. Our tutorial was led by plain Jane the lesbian with her Hutterite dresses, greasy hair and pimply face and horribly ugly sensible shoes. I know what you are thinking, that she should have been wearing a suit like Travolta from Saturday night fever, but she didn’t. Much to my horror she was my T.A. for this equally awful British History class. Ugh. What terrible memories.

          • Frances

            You demean Hutterites. Their women are actually really cool.

          • wallyj180

            “really cool”
            OK,I’ll bite.
            How did you come to that conclusion?

          • k1962

            Okay. Let’s say a Laura Ashley style dress then. Better?

          • Frances

            Wally – given the ubiquity of really, really, ugly, unbecoming, and downright indecent outfits out there these days, the Hutterite women look really good. Besides, I object to having the Hutterites mentioned alongside this twerking Hijabi; the Hutterites (with all their failings and controversies), do work hard and provide good food.

          • k1962

            I was referring to the style of dress, that’s all, not the people!

      • Rosenmops

        Probably sociology. This is the sort of drivel they teach.

        • DVult

          Lesbian studies – lesbian math, 2+2 = men are pigs; lesbian chemistry, hydrogen plus oxygen makes men into pigs; etc.

      • John

        By saying; “A diploma…or else”

  • k1962

    Every Hijabi probably thinks like this stupid b*tch. I hate that they are in Canada

    • winniec

      They accept slavery. They are very conflicted.

  • winniec

    A breath of fresh taqiyya.

  • barryjr

    This is the problem with freedom of speech, even village idiots get to spout off.

  • wallyj180

    ” Car windscreen businesses and antivirus
    companies are just a couple who have
    been caught out in recent times for offering
    “solutions” to problems they create.”

    That is two examples of her ‘false flag’ nonsense.
    If this isn’t a parody, the woman needs help.

  • This little b!#ch has had it too good for too long.

    It’s time to air-lift her to North Korea where another Holocaust is going on or to South Korea where norae-bongs are filled with drunk people who stuffed their faces with back bacon.

    Good times.

  • eMan14

    Is she writing for the Toronto Star yet?

    • zee

      under the nom de plume Heather Mallick

  • Barrington Minge

    So how does she explain the graphic footage of allied soldiers burying the dead with bulldozers?
    Perhaps she should read Mein Kampf instead of the Koran.
    I hope the ghosts of 6 million dead haunt this stupid bitch.

    • WalterBannon

      i hope she falls in front of the subway

    • Jay Currie

      Sadly, being a college grad and all, she’d likely take Mein Kampf as a guide to action.

  • Jay Currie


    Sure, the truther stuff is a bit out there and, well, the Jews; but this stuff plays in certain ridings and she’s cute as a button.

  • Gary

    The BIG conspiracy is the scam that Muhammed was a messenger and prophet from God. As for 9/11 , just another muslim that confirms that muslims as too stupid to pulled it off.

  • John

    She’s against vaccinations as well. She’s anti-science, anti-chemotherapy, anti anti-depressants, anti-semitic…anti-everything. Her alternate…hmm… *reality* is dominated by vast gov’t/zionist/CIA conspiracies here, there and everywhere. The website appears to be written and managed by a series of thoroughly ill people.

    Celebrate diversity!

    • Yup that web site is a treasure trove of current Muslim opinion.

      • John

        Yeah “Exhibiit A” pretty much proving they’re insane.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Shes almost as crazy as Glenn Greenwald.

    • Writes better though;)

      • Jay Currie

        Well, at least shorter.

  • Waffle

    Back in 1945, Eisenhower predicted there would be days like this:

  • WalterBannon

    deport her, and her family